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GILLMORE REAL ESTATE is the premier rental management agent for Forest Falls, Angelus Oaks and Mountain Home Village. 

Full-time rentals range from small studio cabins to spacious 3-5 bedroom homes with garages and typically range from $475 to $2,400 per month, plus utilities. Most of our landlords provide water (some of the best around according to the health department).

Credit and Processing Fee: A nominal credit and processing fee is required at the time your application to rent is submitted.

Deposits are required to hold a property. Generally, we can hold a property for up to 30 days, the deposit representing that period to be held, a 30 day hold requires a deposit equal to 1 months rent, 3 week hold = ¾ of a month, 1 week hold = ¼ of a month, etc. Deposits to hold are applied to the rent upon possession OR forfeited if you back out.


Move In Costs: At the time you move in you must pay the first months rent plus security deposit and purchase the gas located in your propane tank. Most of the propane gas companies require you to obtain a gas pressure test when you move in.  This cost is paid by the tenant with the landlord paying for any repairs should they be needed.

Security Deposits: Collected at the time of occupancy and are normally calculated at one months rent plus $200 (a $950 a month rental will have a $1150 Security Deposit). Tenants with less than great credit or pets may be asked to pay an additional deposit. In accordance with California law, Security Deposits are fully refundable, or a detailed accounting of why not, within 21 days of vacating a property.

Call, email or stop by for a list of available properties to rent. With our experience and service, you can "breathe a sigh of relief…"

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